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Was watching videos on YouTube where an American journalist interviewed Indians who have successful arranged marriages. It was nice and sugary sweet content.
But the comment section was full of poison. With most saying one thing "arranged marriages equals slavery and rape" and nothing you say can convince them otherwise.
I tried to reason with a few that yes maybe a percentage of arranged marriages end in failure. But they came down on me like a ton of bricks saying that I was a brain washed fool suffering from Stockholm syndrome. That without my knowledge definitely my family must have paid a huge dowry. And my husband must have drugged me to get me into bed. Why do the people from the US and Europe still suffer "white man's burden" thought process.
That even though educated I still need to be taught what it is to be a civilised and culture. That my country's traditions are bull shit and they are all knowledgable.
Of course in part I would blame indian movies and television which keep on showing regressive garbage which makes the world think that 100% of india is uneducated and women are ill treated.
Frankly arranged marriage has suitable been suitable for me because it means that the man I married is approved by my parents and there has been zero friction between me n my in laws as they chose me for their son. So if they have any complaints they discuss it with me instead of just screaming and saying that I am a bad spouse/ daughter in law.
We all got into this relationship with our eyes wide open. Without any preconceived notions about the other party.
Yes hubby n I fight but so do any married pair. Hell we have survived two miscarriages and our relationship hasn't dissolved instead it has made us stronger as a couple. How many love marriages can survive miscarriage without resentment developing between the couple? Because of arrange marriage my in laws didn't antagonise me instead they were sympathetic and were kind enough to be my sounding board. Arranged marriages have a low divorce rate because not just the couple but in fact two complete families are joined to help make the marriage a success with the elders giving advice instead of pointing fingers when a problem arises.

Miracles happen

After years of waiting and months of fear. There is a 14 week old boy sleeping on my bed. I finally had a baby. Had to go the C section way because of nuchal cord and foetal distress but both he n I are doing well. It was a battle hard won.
Frankly it is a miracle. My body did it without much difficulty. He was born at exactly 38 weeks. He's got his dad's long lashes and long fingers and toes.
I made a human I am still reeling from all that has happened in the last year!


Making castles in the air
Planning a future
Extremely uncertain
But hope takes wing
The heart wants to sing
I try to quite down both
But heart says
This could be your silver lining!

Another Day

Days Gone
Weeks Gone
Months Gone
Years Gone
All that remains
Is an unanswered prayer
I hold my empty arms
Up to the heavens
Begging for My miracle
But Nothing is the reply that echoes!


That's all that surrounds me
Driving me insane

Chases me into a corner
Frightening my heart

Not a sound
Neither a being
Absolute nothingness
Is my constant companion
Blankets me till I suffocate from it

Nobody lends a hand
I cry myself hoarse
They only watch in silence
Entertained by my plight
Enjoying my pain

Blaming me
Pushing me down
Back into the abyss
Holding me under
My pain is their success
My broken heart is their success
My torn body their show trophy

My cries fall on deaf ears
Immovable marble their hearts
I take up my chisel and hammer
I try to chip it away
But you can't carve into diamond

My fate is such try as I may
It meanders into darker thorny forests
Not an animal in sight
To brighten my path
No scope for light

I walk on blind
My hands chafe
My feet prick
Trail of blood and flesh
I leave behind
As I limp on onto
My dark forest
My Life

Overwhelming anger

Aug 8,2015
Overwhelming anger
I burn
If I was on fire I would scorch barren
Miles around me
But I can't show it
It makes Him uncomfortable
I can't voice my pain
It makes Him queasy
So I suppress it and swallow my screams.
But one day I will blow and then
Nothing will protect him
From the blasting
And furious flames!

I Give Up

Aug 6,2015

I give up.
If I die tomorrow
Nobody will know
Nobody will remember
Because it was the death of a

Meh! This SUCKS!

Every time I like a tv series it doesn't get picked up for a second season!
This year there were TWO!
Second Chance!

Red Band Society .....Good Bye Kids.....

Another good series bites the dust.
I was so into Red Band Society but it has been pulled after only 10 episodes that too at the most critical juncture.
Every week I was praying that Charlie would wake up, Jordie would be cancer free, Emma would eat something and put on some weight, Leo would walk without his crutches, and Kara would finally get a heart. I was even getting why Hunter was being the male equivalent of Kara. AND I wanted Kara and Hunter to get together as he seemed to be having a positive influence on her thawing her a bit. But now I will never know will they get their transplants ever.....
Not to forget Dave Annabel looking so George Clooneyesck with the whole salt and pepper going on.

This just sucks why is it that series that I love always end after 1 season.
Case in point
Alcatraz that was pulled after 13 episodes I was hooked at the get go but then there was no second season.
The Crazy Ones that was genuinely hilarious but that too wasn't renewed unfortunately Robin Williams passed away so there is no chance of even a reunion now.

On the other hand shit like Grays Anatomy goes on and on and on and on....
I wanna kick someone in the @#$%^&*.

Ungli - Movie with a Message

Ungli *ing Bollywood's Smooch King Emraan Hashmi is a Dramedy with a social message on how to deal with problems that the common man in India faces.
The technique used is new and innovative.
The name of the movie is Ungli which means finger and literally means giving the finger to the corrupt.
Making bribe accepting traffic cops eat money one of the acts that they do.
The movie is well made though the pace is slightly slow and it does get a little convoluted but all the loose ends are tied up in a neat bow at the end.
Light hearted without the usual pathos and stark slap of realism that many makers decide to use to address issues plaguing the common man, this movie still manages to hit the right notes.
Only criticism I can give is that , the Shraddha Kapoor number should have been left on the editing room floor.

The Cast consists of
Emraan Hashmi: good
Randeep Hooda: is good but has a bit too much gravitas to pull off comedy, his only drawback.(but my view is colored by his performance in Rang Rasiya)
Neha Dhupia, Kangana Ranaut: decorative at best playing love interests to Hooda and Hashmi respectively.
Sanjay Dutt: looking old and grey, comic timing spot on, looking conflicted and disappointed spot on Everything spot on.
Rest of the cast play their parts as required though some have overacted but then new comers are do need a bit of honing before they can give quality performance.